Monday, January 13, 2014

What a great day!

I had the opportunity to meet with some go-getters today!  A 3rd grade Girl Scout Troop made up of Barrows students presented a community service project that includes a toy/supply drive to support a Reading charitable organization that provides birthday parties to homeless youth.

Additionally I had the pleasure of working with (student) Principal Allie Zurcher, second grader in Ms. Mustone's class.  Miss Zurcher won the opportunity to be principal for the day in the raffle at the winter craft fair.  She was a wonderful principal and visited each of the classrooms, held a few meetings, had lunch in her office with friends, and provided the school with an extra recess this week.  Great job Principal Zurcher!

Principal Zurcher helping a Kindergarten class
Principal's Lunch Group

Principal Zurcher takes the lead!

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