Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Field Day is ON!

Hello Barrows Community-
I am wondering where our JUNE weather is?  This is feeling more like April Showers lately!
I am writing to let you know that we are going forward as planned; Barrows Field Day will be TOMORROW 6/7.  This decision was made following reviews of multiple weather reports.  (most of which predict Wednesday to be partly cloudy in the 60s, but Thursday night with 90% chance of rain and Friday, our rain date, with 100% chance of rain.)  I wish we had a crystal ball to tell us what it will turn out to be, but given the current information we have, this is our effort to make the best call we can.
That being said, we know that the fields and grounds will be wet and muddy due to the current rain today and tonight.  Please consider this as you dress your child for tomorrow.  You may want to send in extra socks, consider layers, and give your child a heads-up that they will likely get wet from the grass.
With all of that, we plan to embrace the FUN and enjoy this community day with our students (because I’m sure we all remember jumping in puddles and playing outside in the rain or soon after the rain as fond memories from our childhood.)
Thank you for your ongoing support.  We look forward to a great day and a strong finish to our school year.

~Heather Leonard