Friday, January 10, 2014

Amazing Barrows Teachers

Please see postings below from the MA Department of Education.  They have posted nomination papers to nominate those outstanding educators in our schools.  I hear from so many Barrows parents about the positive impact our staff has.. this is your chance to share your thoughts with a wider audience!  If you are interested in nominating one of our fabulous staff for recognition, please see the various awards below.

MA Teacher of the Year Award
Each year the program honors a Massachusetts teacher who exemplifies fine teaching in the Commonwealth. The purpose of the program is to select a teacher who is worthy of speaking for and energizing the teaching profession, and representing the positive contributions of all teachers statewide. The Massachusetts Teacher of the Year automatically becomes the state's candidate for the National Teacher of the Year Program.
How to nominate:

Elementary Educator Award
     The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education would like to identify distinguished elementary (K-5) teachers and principals throughout the Commonwealth. These educators may be considered for advisory boards, task forces, and special recognition programs.
     We are very fortunate to have a rich pool of exemplary, experienced educators who have been identified in previous years. However, our goal is to continually replenish this important resource of educator commitment and expertise by identifying educators relatively new to the profession who demonstrate unique instructional and leadership ability. Such educators exemplify teaching and leading at its best and their contributions have a profound impact on students, colleagues, and the community.
     We ask that you recommend one to three educators who have not received major recognition beyond their school or district. Because we are looking for educators who will continue to serve the profession in the future, please only consider educators with fewer than eighteen years of experience in education.
     Please provide CONFIDENTIAL, specific information about your candidate(s) on the enclosed three-page form. Please include a one-page letter in addition to the form in which you address how the candidate meets the criteria mentioned in this memo. Completed forms must be sent by Friday, March 7, 2014, to the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, Attn. Deborah J. Walker, 75 Pleasant Street, Malden, MA 02148.
     If you prefer, you can fax this information to 781-338-3370, Attn. Deborah Walker, or email
     I encourage you to recommend outstanding local candidates.
Recommendation Form:

Math & Science Teaching Award
     I am pleased to announce that nominations are open for the Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching (PAEMST). The PAEMST Program was established in 1983 by the White House and is sponsored by the National Science Foundation (NSF). The program identifies outstanding mathematics and science teachers, kindergarten through 12th grade, in each state and the four U.S. jurisdictions. These teachers will serve as models for their colleagues and will be leaders in the improvement of science and mathematics education.
      The competition alternates year by year between teachers of grades K-6 and teachers of grades 7-12. Teachers of grades K-6 mathematics and science are eligible for nomination for the 2014 Presidential Awards. Teachers of grades 7-12 will be eligible for the 2015 Presidential Awards.
In order to apply for the 2014 PAEMST, a teacher must be nominated. Anyone (e.g., superintendents, principals, teachers, students, and other members of the general public) may nominate a teacher. Self-nominations will also be accepted.
      Each Presidential Awardee will receive a $10,000 award from the National Science Foundation. Each Awardee will also be invited to attend, along with a guest, recognition events in Washington, D.C.
     I have enclosed a nomination form  for you to copy and distribute. The deadline for nominations is April 1, 2014. Nominations may also be made by going to For further information, contact Deborah Walker at or call 781-338-3347.

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