Thursday, December 8, 2016

Barrows School Safety Communication

Hello Barrows Community;

At the end of this email please find an important notice from our Reading Police Department. 

Please know that our Reading Police Department strives to work collaboratively with our community with safety as their priority.  Although it is important that our families observe the marked laws and expectations, the officers are making notes of areas of concern, ongoing challenges that our families face, and will continue to evaluate practices and flow to revise as needed to keep all of the members of our school and neighborhood safe.  We may not have all the answers now, but we are working hard to ask the right questions as they pertain to safety.

In addition to the attached information, please review the following school and community safety reminders;
  • Families should not walk through the staff parking lot.  Although it is shorter to the blacktop, it is a safety concern as drivers have difficulty seeing the smaller learners walking through and there are not consistent sidewalks through the parking area.
  • Wintertime is here!  With snow and ice come safety considerations for all of our community. Students are asked to keep the snow on the ground (i.e. not throw or kick the snow) for safety reasons.  We all enjoy snow-play, but ask respectfully if you would have your children engage in that at home to avoid mixed messages about expectations while on school grounds.
  • Be careful walking on sidewalks and paved areas.  Our staff does their best to keep up with the weather, but when snow falls or freezing temperatures occur during the day, our grounds can get icy.  Go slow and take it easy on stairs, walkways, and the blacktop area.

A consideration for family planning as we enter cooler weather; we do our best to get all students outside as much as possible.  This includes during lightly snowing days and winter weather days.  Please send your children to school dressed appropriately for outside play.  Further information about our cold weather determinations can be found in my blog post here:

I’m always here for your questions, feedback, or connections.
With appreciation,


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