Sunday, December 18, 2016

All-School Winter Writing Prompt

I have visited many of our classes over the last couple of weeks, sharing macrophotographs of snowflakes.  We spent time making observations about the different types of snowflakes.  Inspired by this, I invite our Barrows Shining Stars to participate in our optional winter writing prompt.  If you could be a snowflake anyplace in the world, where would that be?  I invite students to take the point of view of the snowflake (Point of view means the perspective of the person [narrator] who is telling the story) and describe their shape (can you use mathematical terms?) and describe the geography by their location (what landforms are around?  How is the weather? What types of plants and animals are around?)   Students can draw, write, or both to share their story!

Try this challenge over winter vacation and turn in your story to the office when we get back.  Stories will be collected until January 13th, and then we will display them for everybody to see!

Happy writing! Love, Mrs. Leonard

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