Wednesday, July 27, 2016

What is Ms. Papa reading? - Sophia's War

Ms. Papa has another great book recommendation!  Check it out below;


Sophia's War by Avi is ideal for readers who love suspense, adventure, mystery and perfect for historical fiction enthusiasts.  Living in British-occupied New York is not easy for 12-year-old Sophia Calderwood and her parents.  Not only do they have to pretend they are still loyal to England (which they're not) they have to quarter a British officer, Lieutenant John André!  André turns out to be kind and well-mannered, so Sophia is surprised when he refuses to help get her brother, William, out of The Sugarhouse, the worst British prison, (he's been there since the Battle of Brooklyn and conditions are horrible). Sadly William dies and Sophia vows to avenge his death. Her opportunity comes three years later when she agrees to help the Rebels by spying! Sophia takes a job, as a maid, in the British Army’s headquarters. While there she learns of the plot, by the British, to capture West Point! If West Point falls to the British the Rebels would most likely have to surrender and lose the War.  It's up to Sophia to stop this from happening.  Can she do it? Read Sophia's War to find out. 

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Happy reading!
Love, Mrs. Leonard

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