Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Barrows Read-A-Thon 2016

What an AWESOME way to celebrate reading at Barrows Elementary School.  Our Shining Stars blew their previous records out of the water - far surpassing the school-wide goal of 150,000 minutes.  Barrows Shining Stars read a total of 319,895 minutes during our Read-A-Thon!!!

In exceeding their goal, the class that lead their grade with the most minutes read had the chance to help tape me up to the wall.  Additionally the top reader from the other classes added a piece.  We came together as a school community to laugh, dance, and celebrate this fun achievement!

I am so proud of our Shining Stars!

Check out the names of our 100 minute and 500 minute readers here:

Check out the great video made by Mrs. Becker and some of her 5th grade students capturing our celebration assembly today:

Why all the fuss? Research shows that the best way to improve students' reading skills... is more time reading!

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"The biggest, most important question is, "Are kids reading for pleasure?" If the answer is yes, then we are on the right path."

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