Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Road Construction Update

After hearing from parents today about the challenges getting to Barrows I reached out to our Reading Safety Officer for more information. Please see the information he shared below;

The construction will be completed at 2:30 today and the roadway will be opened. As for the future, the recommended route for school parents throughout the school day (during the detour), is King Street to West Street. I will instruct the detail Officers to remove the barrier King at West. The crew has an understanding that work will be completed prior to the end of the school day or the work will be suspended until school is out, as not to interfere with school traffic. Most importantly, that during the school day (while the detour is in effect), intermittent school traffic shall use the route – Summer to King to West to Edgemont.
The detour is expected to last 6 weeks. The location of the work zone will dictate changes in the traffic pattern.  For now, the ½ day Kindergarten parents should use the following route: King to West to Edgemont. Additionally, on regularly scheduled early release days (Wednesdays), parents should use the following route: King to West to Arcadia.

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