Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Barrows Wellness Assembly

What a GREAT day we had today!  This morning Barrows enjoyed our first ever "wellness" assembly.  Our day kicked off with a walk-to-school day, followed by health and wellness stations for our all-school assembly.  Students travelled with their 'book buddy' classes and experienced a variety of health and wellness activities including jump roping, hula hooping, nutrition relay races, recycling toss, and 'fitness dice' challenge.  Barrows students worked so hard, showed wonderful respect and effort at every stop.

We could not have held this event without our amazing volunteers.  Thank you to; Jennifer Sewall, Daisy Giunta, Jennifer May, Danielle Whitmer, Catarina Cipriani, Pamela Bureau Morris, Annika Scanlon, Karen Johnson, Kelly Trahan, Jen Hamilton, Gail Ronayne,  Kristin Steenbruggen, Jenn Romboli, Kate Grant, Dianne Ferguson, Maria Georgopoulos, Dan Malone, Lori Marcotte, Laura La Francesca, Heather Stepler, Melissa Foley, Kelly Healey, and Carolyn Beaulieu       

Also, a big "Thank You" to our Wellness, Allergy, Safety, and Health (WASH) committee for their efforts in planning and organizing the event today. Thank you WASH committee members; Heather McClain, Christine Rose, Dianne Ferguson, Karen Johnson, Kate Grant, and Lori Marcotte.  Also, thank you to Assistant Principal Carina Becker for her support in organizing the Walk To School activities and the events today.

Check out pictures here (more to be added soon!):

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