Friday, February 21, 2014

Resilience with Sesame St.

You have seen me post about "Growth Mindset" and developing "Grit" in our learners.  Resilience is another area along these lines that examines how we build up resiliency in our students that allows them to take risks, work through challenges, and deal with tough situations.  I found this blog post about the work Sesame Street is doing to build children's resilience to be very interesting.  Check it out with the link below.
"Resilience is an essential social/emotional ability that children need to be helped to develop."
"But we realized that resilience is not just about the big challenges, but also the equally important smaller ones that happen in everyday moments.  Everything from bedtime blues, to sibling rivalry, relocation or transition requires a level of resilience."
"As a society, we should focus on helping children become stronger academically, as equally as we do their social and emotional wellbeing.  As a society, we're so focused on helping children to become stronger academically, with a specific focus on literacy, math, etc. that oftentimes we forget that emotional wellbeing plays a major role in virtually everything they do."
Developing Resilience in Our Children With Help From Sesame Street 

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