Thursday, November 3, 2016

Barrows Shining Stars can celebrate Safety!

Dear Barrows Community,

As you have likely seen, we have been communicating about the importance of a focus on our Barrows' Belief of "Be Safe."  We value our ongoing partnerships with our families in supporting our students.  Just like reading with your child at home supports their growth as readers, practicing and discussing expectations for student behavior helps reinforce their learning and growth in this area.  I would like to share the language and expectations that we utilize with our students, especially during our outside times, with the hope that our Barrows Families will help reinforce these safety measures and expectations with our students.

It is important that all of our Barrows students know that our school is a safe place to be.  In order to ensure this for our learners we need your help as partners in this work.  Consider talking with your child about how they can show safe and appropriate expectations during outside play - both during the school day and outside the school day.  Talk with your child about how we want them to have fun as well as be inclusive and safe for all, and see what ideas your child has about how they can contribute to this effort. This includes physical safety and also being kind, thoughtful, and inclusive of their friends.

As we've asked previously, as our blacktop space is a small and concentrated area, if your child would like to run around and play while waiting for the 1st bell to ring in the morning or after dismissal, please direct them towards the courts and fields.  We ask that children not play running or tag on the blacktop for safety concerns.

We thank you for your ongoing support!

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