Thursday, August 4, 2016

Barrows Shining Star Scientists – I need your help!

Dear Barrows Shining Star Scientists – I need your help!
I need your help because I have 5 eggs that need a “butterfly-sitter” to watch over and take care of until they hatch into caterpillars, turn into a chrysalis, and finally transform into a butterfly. Are you interested?  Here is what you would need:

A small container with a top that you can poke a hole into: 

A “pet pen” that can close – either a plastic style or mesh style will work!

A grown-up that is willing to help you find *Milkweed and *nectar flowers to cut as food sources as your butterfly grows!

That’s it!  If you’re able and interested, send Mrs. Leonard an email: and she will set up a time for pick up at Barrows.

As many of our students know from meeting “Barry the Barrows Butterfly” last fall, my family and I have become very invested in saving and supporting the Monarch Butterfly population. (And obviously I also like taking lots of pictures of them too.)

Did you know that only 2-10% of eggs laid in the wild survive? Some scientists have filed a petition for endangered species act protection for the Monarch and its habitat in 2014. Monarchs are important pollinators for our gardens.  My family has found many monarch butterfly eggs/caterpillars to protect and keep safe until they become butterflies – then we release them into the wild!  This is why I need the help of our Shining Star Scientists!

Can you believe that they go from this:

To this (caterpillar)

To this (Monarch butterfly)!

Just amazing!

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