Thursday, October 29, 2015

West St. Road Construction

The following is an update on the West Street Project construction:

·         Officers working details – please expect extended days.

·         The current construction area is on West Street between Howard Street and the Woburn town line.

·         There are only two basins left to install. Probably 11/02 Monday and 11/03 Tuesday.

·         Newport is working on this Saturday, 10/31/15. They intend to clean up the site and make the area safe for Halloween.

·         Next week on 11/04 Wednesday, 11/05 Thursday, and 11/06 Friday,  they will be reclaiming the roadway. This will require the Woburn Street to South Street detour. Expect late work days.
·         Soil injection is expected on 11/09 and 11/10 and will also require a late work days. Paving is expected on 11/12 and 11/13 and will require late work days.

·         Once the paving is complete, expect very limited use of any detour route. Newport expects that West Street will remain open and traffic will be alternated around any construction. They will be installing retention walls, curbing, and signal lights.

·         Newport expects to work though out the entire Winter.   

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