Monday, September 7, 2015

Hot days coming up...

To our Barrows Families;
The next few days of the week are forecast to be very hot. We will be doing our best to minimize the heat impact to our students including having our classroom fans on, keeping the sun shades drawn, encouraging access to water at all times, minimizing the amount of physical activity, etc.  Please know that the district administration is working to keep an eye on the heat, increasing the venting of schools, and providing fans to the hottest areas of the district.

We would appreciate your help;

  • Please dress your child in light, loose, cotton clothing
  • Send your child to school with a water bottle (consider freezing half of it the night before to keep it cool at school when they refill it)
  • Send them with sunscreen on and sunhats
  • Avoid outdoor play before and after school - stay cool in air conditioning and/or with fans

Thank you for your continued support!
We will remember these days mid-December!

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