Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Safety update re: Crossing Guards

Hi School Community,
I wanted to expeditiously alert everyone to a present staffing problem within the Crossing Guard Unit. We currently have eight guards facing medical challenges, rendering their shifts open. We do have spares, however one is away and the other is also facing a health issue. The Police Department makes every effort to cover all open posts with police officers. That being said, staffing has been reduced by almost 50%, and I do not anticipate the problem seeing any relief until the start of the next school year. Once again, the Police Department will make every effort to cover any and all shifts. Most importantly, I want everyone to be aware, that SOME SHIFTS MAY GO UNFILLED OR INTERUPTED BY EMERGENCY CALLS. All school principals, please readily post this information for parents, as they may need to alter their morning routines or chaperone their own children. The most challenging posts will be considered first for coverage. Coverage decisions will be based on several factors. These factors include, traffic controls, sight lines, traffic speed, traffic volume, pedestrian traffic, etc. Our priority is always pedestrian safety and we must address this present issue with limited staffing.

Safety Officer David V. Savio

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