Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Snow Safety Practices

Hello Barrows Families!

We are excited to have you all back tomorrow.  Our maintenance and facilities staff has been working diligently to ensure our schools are ready for our safe return.  They have and will continue to shovel the room, shovel and treat walkways and stairwells, and monitor the condition of our school campus. With the return to school, I wanted to share a few reminders with you all to help ensure our Barrows community stays as safe as possible.

·         Due to the record-breaking amounts of snowfall, the snowbanks are very high.  Drivers, please slow down, especially in school zones and as you pass driveways and crosswalks.

·         Many of our students are shorter than the snowbanks, which means they will not be seen by passing motorists.  Parents – please walk next to your children to ensure that you can view their safe passage and the cars can see you.

·         CAR POOL!  The fewer cars attempting to maneuver our streets and very limited parking, the better.

·         Review with your child safe pedestrian practices before leaving in the morning (walk only on walkways – not in streets, not in parking lots or driveways.)

·         Utilize the kiss & go lane

·         Be patient with each other – slow vehicles, slippery walkways, and snowy streets will require us all to take it easy.

·         Walk carefully, the temperatures have created some icy conditions and with the limited space to put snow our walkways may be a bit slick.

·         Send your children with appropriate outerwear for outside conditions (books, hats, jackets, gloves, etc.)

Thank you all for helping keep our Barrows Community safe! J

See you tomorrow!
~Ms. Leonard

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