Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Barrows Update

Hello everybody!

I have to say, it really feels that we're off and rolling, students and staff are deep into learning, engaged in interesting lesson, and connected together as classroom communities.

Our all-school assembly on 9/18 students brainstormed lists of rules that would be important for our school community.  This past week students had the opportunity to vote on the Barrows School rules and they identified their top 5.  Check out the great ideas our students came up with:

Everyday everyone should come to school knowing that Barrows is a safe place to be!

     *Give your teachers, classmates, and school respect
     *Be nice and include everyone
     *No double-d behavior (dangerous/destructive)
     *Always try your best
     *Have fun

Clearly the Barrows School Community feels it is important to be respectful, be safe, try your best, and have fun!  Nice work students!

Students participating in "That's Me!" (Ask your child about it!)

Coming up on Friday we have another all-school gathering to enjoy an enrichment opportunity hosted by our PTO.  We will view "Hero Art" a presentation.  More information can be found here:  http://www.amazingheroart.com/

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